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Pocket Girl is the best thing to have with you when you need a break from everyday life. Help her do everything you tell her and she will save you from boredom.

It’s no coincidence that this game came out right now. People are so busy trying to meet deadlines and achieve goals that they don’t have time to relax. This game will allow you to experience an exciting virtual experience while allowing you to de-stress and relax.

You have complete control over your character, which is the best part. You decide exactly how they stand and what they wear. So you can change each scene to your liking and make sure your experience is perfect for you. So you will always be able to enjoy moments that are so real that they take your breath away.

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Pocket Girl is a fun, interactive game for Android devices with version 4.1 or higher that lets you play as a virtual girl. The game has an animated character that does what the player tells it to do. It can dance, sing and even respond to your touch.

The game is dynamic and offers a lot of interesting things. The character can assume different positions as he moves from one activity to another. It comes alive with high-quality graphics and smooth animations on your device.

The virtual girl can do more than just sing and dance and will do whatever you tell her to do. So every time you do something with her, it’s different and you can make each activity unique.

This game will be hypnotic as a whole and the player will be able to interact with the live character in a hypnotic way. Get Pocket Girl right now and have a great time!


Activate the command
Not all steps are visible at the beginning of the process. To get more tasks and poses, you have to watch promotional videos. When you talk to her, you get unique content and a unique experience.

Create an action plan.
You can type a command into the command line and watch your girl do what you told her to do. You can have fun with Pocket Girl if you feel free of the challenges that are there.

Actress in live action.
There is a role for a real actress in this game. She does what you tell her and can act out different scenes based on what you tell her. This kind of characters are different from the usual CGI characters, usually boring.

Realistic animations
Every time you do something, the screen changes smoothly and naturally. On top of that, every scene was put together so well that it’s hard to believe it’s not real.


The graphics and animations in Pocket Girl are very modern and make the game stand out. The character is played by a real actress and you tell her what to do using simple commands.

The game is constantly getting new parts and tasks. It will stay exciting if you always have something to look forward to. The latest version of the game is the best way to have fun.


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