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Do you like to play games where you can bet? If you go to a casino today, you can bet on poker, blackjack or any other casino game. However, all this comes with risks, because real money is at stake and not everyone can do it.

So if you love betting and love chicken, Manok Na Pula 6.5 Apk is the game for you. By playing this rooster betting game, you can unlock many different types of chickens to compete with other players.

There are several popular rooster betting games in Asia, especially in the Philippines. The game makes fun of these kinds of games. People bet on a chicken to fight another chicken until one dies. The option to bet money here will ensure that you get many strong and healthy chickens today.

Now you can play online against real people and upgrade your chicken to the max to defeat tough opponents. Manok ni SanPedro and Manok ni Taguro are the two chickens that can be unlocked.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of casual games that are fun and easy to play. If you like these kinds of games, there are plenty of games right now that are easy to play. In case you didn’t know, cockfighting is an old sport where two trained birds fight to the death for entertainment and betting.

Manok Na Pula was created by TATAY as a joke about the well-known rooster betting games mostly played in Asia. In real-world games, people often bet on what will happen to the chicken.

In the game, you will face anonymous players and you will be able to power up your chicken to make it easy to defeat them. Manok ni SanPedro, Manok ni Item, and Manok na Taguro, among others, can be upgraded to super fighters such as Manok ni Taguro, Lechon Manok, Manok ni Samurai, Manok ni Asul, Manok ni Samurai, and Lechon Manok.


Games with different modes
With cockfighting betting games, it makes sense to include money. On the other hand, Manok Na Pula has a lot of different ways to play that are affordable. In the campaign mode, for example, you can fight against several opponents. But you can also play online against real players from all over the world. So you will have a chance to win a lot of money that you can use to upgrade your chicken.

It’s time to upgrade
If your opponent can still beat you because of your chicken’s weakness, you may want to get a stronger bird. In Manok Na Pula you can unlock and upgrade birds like Manok Na Taguro, Manok Na Pink, Manok Na Pula, Manok Na Samurai, Lechon Manok, Manok Na Asul, Manok Na Robot, Manok Na Item. , and more.

Cockfighting at its best
In many places around the world, cockfighting is still a popular sport. In cockfighting, the birds are trained to fight and kick each other until they are too injured to continue. When you bet, you can win or lose money.

Even so, you should play Manok Na Pula if you don’t want to lose your hard earned money. This fun game allows players to feel what it’s like to watch and participate in a cockfight. Unlike real cockfights, you can upgrade your penis by upgrading it. It also makes the game more fun and helps your penis do what it’s supposed to do better.

Various locations
In this game you can fight in several interesting places. Lava mountains, outer space, snowy mountains and a regular cockfighting pit are some of the highlights of this place. There are many places where people can fight in Manok Na Pula.


It is the latest version of this app and I am sure you will have fun with it. Follow the instructions above to download the game, and if you need help downloading or installing the game, feel free to contact us.


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